Swedish style bread board and butter knife


Swedish style bread board and butter knife made from a seasoned piece of sour cherry wood. The board was made entirely with traditional hand tools,
no power tools were involved in the making. Both the board and the butter knife have a similar design, we tried to incorporate in both of them the
crisp edges all around them and in our humble opinion they turned great! 🙂
During the drying process a small crack developed on the bread board, but that crack won't affect the structural integrity of the board.
The crack is very well visible in the pictures and some marks left by the axe while flattening the bread board.
The board was finished with a coat of olive oil and it was burnished.

Size of the bread board:

Length: 222mm
Width: 160mm
Hight: 20mm

Size of the butter knife:

Length: 175mm
Width: 45mm

Care instructions:
Rub your wooden kitchenware with olive, peanut or sunflower oil once a month.
Dip a paper towel into the oil and gently rub, using a circular motion over the surface of the wood.
Work the oil into the sides, top and bottom. When washing the wooden kitchenware use water and a little bit of soap ( don't use the dishwasher ) and after the washing is done rub the wooden kitchenware with a towel to avoid moisture entering the wood and crackings.

Code: 6-113

Additional information

Dimensions 222 x 160 x 20 mm


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