Wooden spoon made with traditional hand tools


If you are looking for something special you should consider buying this spoon. The spoon has a simple but elegant design with a unique shaped handle. The spoon was made from a piece of ash wood using only traditional hand tools.

The overall length of the spoon is 140 mm.
The bowl has a length of 40 mm, the width is 30 mm.

Care instructions:
Rub your spoon with olive oil, peanut or sunflower oil once a month. Dip a paper towel into the oil and gently rub, using a circular motion over the surface of the wood. Work the oil into the sides, top and bottom. When washing the spoon use water and a little bit of soap ( dont use the dishwasher ) and after the washing is done rub the spoon with a towel to avoid moisture entering the wood and avoid cracking.

Code: 1-062

Additional information

Dimensions 140 x 30 mm


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