November 27, 2016


Here are th axes that we use:

This axe was passed down from my grandfather..Its at least 70 years old and it’s a small carpenters axe. One side of the axe is flat which allows the user to make straight cuts…this axe is my favorite and it’s used almost all the time while carving because its quite heavy and it allows to cut easly big chunks of wood. The handle was made by honeywood that used to be a pallet :)


This axe is used mainly for splitting wood for making spoons but it could be used even for carving. We will make definitely a new handle in the near future.


This cutie has a viking style axe head. The axe was made from a good steel because it holds a great edge even after some serious chopping.
Right from the store the axe had an edge of aprox 25 degrees, after some serious grinding we lowered it to aprox 19 degrees and now it performes much better!
Since it’s small and light we don’t use it often for carving.